Munchkin LATCH 120ml baby bottle (newborn)

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The Munchkin LATCH™ bottle is designed to mimic the breastfeeding experience- making the transition between breast and bottle, and then back again, an easy one.

Every Mama needs to feel confident knowing that her bub will take a bottle, without comprising her breastfeeding.

The accordion nipple pumps and moves just like the breast, stretching back to your baby's soft palate for a correct latch. The bottle also features a one-piece, anti-colic valve – so no air travels through the breast milk, reducing the risk of colic.

This is the bottle we recommend for your breastfed baby.

Includes one BPA-Free 120ml LATCH bottle, one sealing disc & one stage 1 nipple
• Better Latch: Nipple stretches like the breast helping baby latch correctly 
• Like the breast: Pressure against the nipple releases milk as baby sucks, just like the breast 
• Less colic: Nipple moves with baby to provide a continuous latch to help reduce the symptoms of colic
• Anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles to reduce gas and fussiness

**NOTE: Includes one stage 1 nipple (which is for newborn).. if your bub is close to 3months+ we recommend the 2 PACK stage 2 nipples available here 

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