Amberley Harris


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Hi Mama :) It's Jewels here.  If you've followed my journey over the past few years- you will know that I first hand had so much stress & difficulty breastfeeding my first born.  I found it such hard work & truly felt like I was in a deep pool trying to do doggy-paddle... but was slowly sinking.

I desperately wanted to be one of those mothers where breastfeeding came naturally & was a simple joy.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the knowledge or experience to know where to turn... and my journey ended at 6 weeks.

Fast forward to today... 5 years later & I'm typing this watching my little baby Mylee (3 weeks old) coo in her bouncer after a full breastfeed. Breastfeeding has got off to the most wonderful start... we have a beautiful latch, are having solid regular breastfeeds, I feel confident & I have more than enough milk!! (thank you lactation cookies!! and faith in my body to do its thing).

Despite being one of the most difficult times of my life as a first time mama to my 6 week year old all those years ago, I am so grateful for the experience as it is what led to the beginnings of milk & cookies by Jewels- a platform to bring Mamas from all over together via social media to support, encourage & grow our knowledge breastfeeding.

Let me introduce you to Amberley Harris @maternalinstinctsbyamberley