Jam packed with our [TOP SECRET] specialty milk boosting ingredients (insert nothing like this available on the market), our lactation products pack such a powerful milk punch. (think lots of milk Mama, LOTS!!)
And if you're wondering if they taste any good? You're in for a treat.  Our lactation cookies, lactation brownies & lactation drinking chocolates have been described by our Mamas as "mouthfuls of heaven".  Seriously, they are so yum... it may be tricky to stick to the one a day.
We recommend:

  • Starting a lactation cookie or lactation brownie daily from 36 weeks pregnant to support colostrum production
(especially if you plan to express colostrum antenatally- click here )
  • Enjoy 1 cookie daily (you can try 2 if you feel that your supply needs a kick start) but most Mams find 1 cookie or 1 piece of lactation brownie a day does the trick.
  • Whilst you can enjoy your cookie/brownie any time of the day, we suggest late morning is a perfect time to have your cookie in preparation for that milk slump that tends to happen at 5pm onwards for all of us.
  • Our cookies are ideally enjoyed with a cup of boobie tea click here to view. They work beautifully together to support that supply and milk flow.
  • Need to bring in the big guns to get your supply flowin'? We recommend adding the lactation essential oil roller to your lactation cookie and boobie tea regime click here These 3 products together a a powerhouse milk combo.