Order Breastfeeding Biscuits from an Australian Company

Experience the milky magic of milk & cookies’ amazing, results-proven healthy lactation cookies. We make the best lactation biscuits and lactation drinking chocolates for breastfeeding Australian Mamas. Not only are our choc chip lactation cookies the tastiest, most unique lactation biscuits on the market, each product that we sell has been tried and tested by Jewels and our tribe of cookie-happy breastfeeding Mamas. 

Milky Magic Lactation Chocolate

Our customer feedback online and on social media has been amazing, and the results are in. Our Choc Chip Lactation Cookies received top marks for their delicious taste, texture and powerful milk supply boost. Our delicious breastfeeding chocolate is out of this world heavenly, and we’re encouraging everyone online to send us pictures of their lactation chocolate swirled into hot lactation drinking chocolates or ice cold breastfeeding chocolate frappés.

Let the Milk Flow Silicone Breast Pump

We deliver the Haakaa Breast Pump Australia wide. Breastfeeding Mamas will be so happy with how comfortable and easy the silicon breast pump is to use, and the effortless clean up afterwards. 

You’ll love our range of breastfeeding biscuits, lactation chocolate and our Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump for breastfeeding Mamas. Order from milk & cookies by Jewels.

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