Hi I'm Jewels 👋💗 #mumboss to 3 little girls, founder and #bizboss at milk & cookies by Jewels, cookie queen & coffee lover.

We're rocking some serious #resultsproven lactation products. Think the tastiest lactation cookies & GF brownies that seriously work milky magic. Our tribe have just discovered the trick of popping a cookie in the microwave... and OMG it takes it to a new level. Think melted, glistening choc chunks that just melt in your mouth- yep you gotta try our lactation cookie Mama!!

Over the past 4 years, we have supported tens of thousands of breastfeeding Mamas around Australia. Our socials are jam packed full of raving reviews & heartfelt support cause our products taste AMAZING & WORK MAGIC.

Breastfeeding doesn't always come easily & naturally- it's often a learnt skill that requires hard work & perserverance. Milk supply is such a personal experience- often a delicate balance between trusting in your body to meet your baby's needs but grappling with your gut instinct that you could do with a little extra boost. Which is where I step in.  Follow along on instagram and you'll see my daily tips & tricks... breastfeeding support & more.  Think of me like your own little cheersquad, go-to support person.  I want to empower you to feel good & confident in your journey.  You're always so welcome to DM on insta or send an email. 🤗