milk and cookies by jewels | boobie bikkies

Hi I'm Jewels- Mama to three little girls & founder of milk & cookies by Jewels.

I am so passionate about supporting new Mums.  

Motherhood is the most wonderful, loving but also overwhelming, life-changing experience any woman will experience.

Breastfeeding doesn't always come easily & naturally- it's often a learnt skill that requires hard work & perserverance. Milk supply is such a personal experience- often a delicate balance between trusting in your body to meet your baby's needs but grappling with your gut instinct that you could do with a little extra boost.

I love to bake...and bake..and bake some more! It's our absolute pleasure to bake for you. We hope that when you open up your special delivery you feel the love and care we put into all our products.

We strive to provide products that support your breastfeeding journey, give you that extra confidence, taste amazing and make you feel that little bit special.  

We want to celebrate YOU -the Mummy but most importantly the woman behind the Mummy.