chocolate chunk lactation brownie mix | GLUTEN FREE | DAIRY FREE

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We're a little bit excited over here because we've nailed the perfect brownie.

It's not just good, it's absolutely brilliant!! And the best bit- it's GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE!

Slightly crisp on the outside, oh so fudgy in the centre.

These beauties are full to the brim of our powerhouse milk boosters, so do go slow enjoying them (and try stick to just one piece per day!)

Simply mix your brownie mix with coconut oil, eggs & vanilla extract and you're on your way to the best smelling house on the street. (note: you can easily substitute your egg in here with a substitute and likewise, butter can be substituted for coconut oil if you prefer)

Makes 12 generous serves or 16 bite-sized.


May be present: peanuts & tree nuts

May contain traces of soy due to soy products being used in the same facility