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Welcome to Jewels' ALL TIME FAVOURITE from the lactation range.

Jam packed with milk & cookies by Jewels  [TOP SECRET] specialty milk boosting ingredients (insert nothing like this available on the market), these lactation cookies pack such a powerful milk boosting punch.

Designed to nourish, support and boost your breast milk, We know you will fall in love with these.

Whether you're in your third trimester of pregnancy getting prepared to start expressing colostrum, are cluster feeding a newborn baby or are getting ready to return to work with an older bub and need to increase your pumping sessions, our lactation range is perfect for you. Whatever stage of your breastfeeding journey you're on, our lactation biscuits are the ideal daily addition.

Here at milk & cookies by Jewels, we are [SO PASSIONATE] to improve the breastfeeding rates in Australia. Whilst it's incredible to read that 96% of mothers initiate breastfeeding at birth, less than half of that number (that being only 39%) of mothers are still exclusively breastfeeding at the 3 month mark. Whilst there are a multitude of reasons why Australian mothers are falling short of the recommend breastfeeding benchmarks, we can't help but feel that there isn't enough education and practical support to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.

So sit back beautiful, yes YOU! reading this darling knowing you're about to be taken care of.  We know the feeling of the underlying anxiety the sits below the surface when it comes to milk supply and questioning whether you have enough to keep your baby satisfied. Because we've personally experienced it. We know how demanding breastfeeding can sometimes be and we acknowledge how full on mum life gets.  We hope you know just how much We've got your back beautiful and encourage you take 5 minutes and enjoy your milk & cookies by Jewels chocolate chip lactation cookie.  Take comfort in knowing that this delicious cookie has supported the milk supply for tens and tens of thousands of breastfeeding Mamas.

Our White Choc + Macadamia lactation cookie is simply divine.

Think chunks of white chocolate chip & crushed macadamia dispersed throughout a velvety vanilla cookie base, do we need to say more?!

Want to take your choc chip cookie experience to the next level?

Unwrap this beauty and pop her in the microwave for 20-30 secs.  Think warm, soft cookie dough with melty chocolate. You can #THANKUSLATER

We highly recommend pairing your lactation cookie with 1-2 cups of the mamas milk breastfeeding tea daily for optimal milk boosting results.  CLICK HERE TO SHOP BREASTFEEDING TEA

Each luxe cookie box contains 12 individually heat sealed lactation cookies- (perfect to pop a cookie in your bag to take on the go with you).

Contains: milk products, egg, soy, gluten from wheat & oats & macadamia.

May be present: peanuts & tree nuts                                                                         

(see nutrition panel pic for full ingredient breakdown in image carousel)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tyler Martin
So good!!!

Literally the best cookies. I could literally eat the whole box in one sitting.

The BEST lactation cookies ever! 😍

Honestly the best lactation cookies out there! 6mths PP and still having a cookie daily since 36w pregnant. Milk supply has been a breeze all because of these cookies! Jewels has nailed it 🙌🏽

Isra El-assidi

Honestly the best cookies there absolutely delicious

My favourites!

So good for my milk supply and so delicious! In the 4th trimester I put one out next to my water bottle before bed each night to have during the night time feed and now I often eat on the run. So delicious!