Gluten Free and Dairy Free Lactation Drinking Chocolate in Australia

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milk & cookies’ incredible tasting gluten-free lactation drinking chocolate is a dairy-free and soy-free delight. This is huge for breastfeeding mothers whose babies have allergies to gluten, lactose, dairy and soy.

Sourced locally, and grown in the best cocoa growing regions, our breastfeeding chocolate provides a deep, intense drinking experience with a smooth finish. Designed for breastfeeding Mamas who would like to increase their milk supply, our breastfeeding chocolate contains a special ingredient to boost breast milk supply (but shh, don’t tell anyone what it is). 

Enjoy this fabulous concoction as a hot drinking chocolate topped with our decadent gluten free Exquisite Marshmallows. Or try it cold: blitz it with crushed ice or ice cream to create a chilled frappé on a day when you’re feeling the heat.

Oh, the possibilities! We can't wait to see how you enjoy all your lactation drinking chocolates, and we’d love it if you snapped a picture or video and shared it on our Instagram. (#DelishDrinkingChocolate)

Makes 12 generous servings per pack.

We do advise you to keep to a single serving of our breastfeeding chocolate per day, as excessive consumption has been known to cause breast engorgement, which can be uncomfortable. 

Allergen Advice

Our drinking chocolate is gluten free, soy free and dairy free. May be present: nuts. 

It is handled & manufactured in an accredited Gluten Free facility for milk & cookies by Jewels. Please read the ingredients and nutritional information on the product pictures and packaging for more nutrition information.

We Reveal the Secret of Our Lactation Drinking Chocolates’ Success

Don’t tell anybody, but the secret ingredient of your lactation drinking chocolates’ success is our trusted, results proven deactivated yeast. It’s natural and it’s the same deactivated yeast that we use in all of our lactation chocolate, cookies and lactation brownies. 

Don’t just take our word for it. The results and testimonials from our online breastfeeding Mamas is in, and you can read what our customers have to say on our social media

Love chocolate? Surrender to your chocolate cravings for sweet servings of soy free, dairy free and gluten free lactation chocolate. Order now from milk & cookies by Jewels online for Australia wide delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The BEST drinking chocolate

Hands down the best hot chocolates I have been having paired with a cookie a day, wow - what an incredible supply of milk I have! So impressed with these products and knowing I have more than enough milk for my little man. The best lactation products ever!

Best hot chocolate!!

Powerful little beauty of a drink this is. Combined with a cookie a day really set my milk supply on fire! I am so thankful for a great product, that actually works. My let downs would go from 30-40mls and when I had the hot chocolate, I was easily get 90mls in my Huuka. Totally worth every cent- plus it's also nice cold... because ya know, mumma never has a hot drink anymore 🤣

One of the best hot chocolates!

This hot chocolate is so delicious and versatile! It’s perfect for all year round and boosts my milk! I put it in oats, protein shakes, coffee, just by itself etc! 10/10 recommend. I highly recommend all the lactation products by Jewels!

Amazing hot choc!

Not only a great lactation product but one of the tastiest hot chocolates I’ve had! Love having one each night in winter - quenches my dessert craving every time