lactation cookies

Our lactation cookies are just yum.

Simply, they're a joy to eat and help to boost your milk supply.

Whether you love a chunk of chocolate in your cookie or prefer a fruit style biscuit.... there's a cookie for every taste.

Full of natural galactagogues- being oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds, they help promote and support lactation in the breastfeeding mummy.

Brewers yeast has many more properties than just being an amazing powerhouse galactagogue. The yeast along with oats, has B group vitamins, iron and nutrients to help boost energy and stabilise blood sugar levels.

At milk & cookies by Jewels, we recognise the important role energy levels play on a new mummy's emotional well-being and milk supply. For this reason our recipes have been tailored to suit the breastfeeding mother's nutritional needs.