silverette nursing cups

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Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your nipples when breastfeeding.

By establishing good positioning and attachment of your baby at the breast, and by using supportive nipple care products, your breastfeeding journey can and should feel comfortable.

LOVED by so many breastfeeding mothers, Silverette nursing cups serve to protect, soothe and prevent nipple damage.  Made with 925 silver, the silver ions that naturally occur in the silver provide antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefit to your nipples. Every time the silver comes in contact with your nipple and areola skin, the relief and repair happens.

How do I use the Silverette breastfeeding cups?

The cups are designed to be worn directly against your nipple and areola.  Your nursing bra will hold them in place.

It is recommended to express a couple of drops of milk in each cup and then place directly over the nipple, securing the cup with your nursing bra.

Prior to breastfeeding your baby, remove the cups and wipe your nipple over with water.

How long should I wear them for?

To get the maximum benefit, we recommend wearing them from the first day your baby is born.  In the early days while good positioning and attachment is being established, cluster feeding is at an all time high and nipple sensitivity is right up there, it would be ideal to wear them regularly between breastfeeds and give your nipples 10-15mins of free air time between each feeding cycle.

As your breastfeeding establishes you'll be able to navigate the frequency of use, with many women increasing their frequency of use again once their baby starts to teethe.

How long does one pair last?

With care, you only ever need the one pair.  One pair can be used over multiple children too!

How do I care for them?

Rinse with warm water between each use. 

If your cups have lost their shine over time (which may occur due to the natural oxidation) a simple paste mixture of 1tsp bicarbonate soda with a few drops of water will bring back that shine.  Simply rub the paste over the silver, rinse & pat dry.

Each box contains 2 x 925 Silverette feeding cups in size XL (5cm diameter to ensure adequate coverage of nipple and areola)