lactation tea - fenugreek free

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A herbal tea containing 4 lactaogenic ingredients to support your breastmilk supply.

This lactation tea drink is easy to sip and gentle on the palate, finishing on notes of rose.. We highly recommend you sip this tea 1-2 times daily and pair it with your lactation cookies to support your milk supply.

Each box contains 20 serves of individual pyramid tea bags.

(no caffeine, added flavours or sugars. Naturally free from gluten, soy and dairy).

Ingredients include: Goats Rue, Blessed Thistle, Nettle, Vervain, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Rose and Rosehip.

It's important to note that this breastfeeding tea does not contain fenugreek.

Whilst fenugreek can be a wonderful herb to promote milk supply, it's not always suitable to everyone. Those in particular with an underactive thyroid are advised to avoid fenugreek. To read more on this topic- click here.


Traditionally Goats Rue was considered to be a potent galactagogue (increases milk production) and Goats Rue has a long history of use for this purpose. It has been shown to increase milk output by up to 50% in some cases (Hoffman, The New Holistic Herbal).


Traditionally Blessed or Holy Thistle was seen as a cure-all for anything – it was highly valued. Today, Blessed Thistle is primarily used for lactating mothers to improve milk supply and is considered to be one of the best herbs to do this.


Traditionally used as a galactagogue for nursing mothers, Nettle also has a strengthening and supporting role in the body. It does contain some iron and is often used by herbalists as a tonic herb to both nourish and balance energy after childbirth. It combines well with Goats Rue and Blessed Thistle to promote the flow of breast milk for lactating mothers.


A nervous system tonic that supports milk flow, it also strengthens the nervous system and at the same time relaxes tension. It has properties that help the digestive system when you’re stressed or under pressure. The gut is very affected by stress or depression, making Vervain a perfect herb to choose


Supports milk flow and digestion. It also promotes lymph flow (very important in the removal of wastes and toxins) is anti-inflammatory and calming


Hibiscus contains vitamin C, minerals and anthocyanins (antioxidants), and has been shown to help reduce inflammation and stress.


Helps anxiety (calming), skin conditions and great for viral infections. Its calming properties work well in this formula.


A calming tonic rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It is an excellent spleen/stomach and adrenal tonic – organs which tend to be affected by childbirth, lack of sleep and breastfeeding