We Deliver Choc Chip Lactation Cookies Australia Wide

Imagine feeling relaxed, confident and empowered with your breastfeeding, knowing that you have plenty of milk and your baby's needs are being met. There's no better feeling. Our lactation biscuits and products are made for Mamas to give you the comfort of knowing that you can meet your breastfeeding goals. 

We understand the underlying anxiety of questioning whether you have enough milk supply to keep your baby satisfied, because we've personally experienced it. We know how demanding breastfeeding can sometimes be, and how full-on life as a mum can get. Our delicious breastfeeding biscuits and breastfeeding tea have supported the milk supply of tens of thousands of breastfeeding Mamas. We’ll be here for you with the best healthy lactation cookies on the market to see you through your breastfeeding journey. 

Now for the hardest part: which flavour to choose? Will you select our most popular choc chip lactation cookies, or does another of our lactation biscuits tempt your tastebuds?

Breastfeeding Mamas are craving chocolate chip lactation cookies and our fantastic breastfeeding biscuits from milk & cookies by Jewels. Order now for Australia wide delivery. 

These beautiful words from a third time Mama (who had struggled with her previous newborn weight gains) reflect the tens upon tens of thousands of Mamas our healthy lactation cookies, lactation biscuits & breastfeeding biscuits range has helped.

Imagine feeling relaxed, confident & empowered breastfeeding knowing you have plenty of milk & your baby's needs are being met. There's no better feeling.
Let's work together to have you feeling like that. I've got your back Mama.
Now's the hardest part, what flavour to choose?

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