** WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF MOVING OVER TO A DRY BLISS BALL MIX** Apologies for not currently being available- Please check in here for updates on an estimated launch date. Jewels x


All our lactation bliss balls contain brewers yeast and rolled oats (natural galactagogues), also known as the little starts of the show that help to promote lactation and boost milk supply in the breastfeeding mother.

Our lactation bliss balls are delicious, natural protein balls of yum- perfect for a healthy and delicious snack.

1-2 bliss balls per day can help to support and boost a breastfeeding Mummy's milk supply.

Being refined sugar-free and jam packed full of nutrition, these balls of goodness make a healthy choice.

Available in the delicious flavours of Cacao & Coconut and Lemon Slice.