A day in the life of a breastfeeding Mama

A day in the life of a breastfeeding Mama

Jessica, one of our beautiful milk & cookies by Jewels Mamas recently shared this on her Instagram feed... and I just had to share it here.  A beautiful, honest read and one that I know you will all relate to.

Here is her story....

postnatal depression

How milk & cookies by Jewels came to be...

I certainly never thought I'd be writing a blog post about this. Let alone in such an open, public way.  But when I was recently interviewed for my first magazine publication for the Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine and the emphasis was "Why I started milk & cookies by Jewels and how it all came t...
So much love for the Haakaa breast pump

So much love for the Haakaa breast pump

If you've been following myself on insta-stories, you would have seen me jumping up & down with excitement for the Haakaa breast pump. I welcome this simple, sleek, but oh so effective little device with open arms to the milk & cookies by Jewels family- it will take your breastfeeding exp...
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I think by now you well and truly know that I LOVE good food!!

And by good food- I mean food that is visually so appealing that you can almost taste it before you've tasted it. And then when you do taste it .... it's even better than you thought.

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I have met some of the loveliest, strong, beautiful women on insta.  You know the ones that become part of your tribe and spread positivity through their posts. Danielle Vella is one of these women.  A mother to 2 darling girls, a lifestyle & beauty blogger and a beautiful soul. I have been...