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If you're yet to have met the gorgeous Poppy Lee over on insta, you must!! This Mama of 2 darling girls, blogger of all things life, kids & advocate for small biz... is one of those people who's smile makes you smile :)
 I have been so fortunate to bake for Poppy during her breastfeeding journey with her second bubba girl.
This Mama has loved her milk & cookies by Jewels.  And just like my libran self (constantly cannot make up my mind!!)  Poppy's favourite flavours & lactation products have changed, depending on the season & day.  
This makes me smile... Because:
I cannot choose a favourite either!!
And- this just affirms, they are all delish!
To read Poppy's extensive review of her experience enjoying milk & cookies by Jewels click her blog post here.


Follow Poppy on www.instagram.com.au/poppyleehp

milk and cookies by jewels lactation cookies

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