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Ok I have a confession..... I LOVE breakfast!! Like really LOVE it!! It's hands down my favourite meal of the day. 
There is something about starting the day with a hot, strong coffee & a beautiful porridge, my lactation granola with sliced seasonal fruits or fancy eggs that makes me a happy lady. 
Are you one of these people too?
YAY!! I know I'm not alone! 
Add in a baby though... and the days of trying to put together a fancy breakfast are next to none... I hear you... I know... just trying to whip some toast together seems like a big deal.  #earlymotherhood 
I won't harp on and on... BUT breakfast is soooooooooo important when you're a new mama!! And a breastfeeding mama at that. It's key to helping maintain your energy levels, regulate your hormones and support your milk supply.
Insert my LACTATION GRANOLA!!! I just LOVE this stuff- because it is YUM! You can literally graze on it straight out of the tin... it sets you up for the rest of the day and helps make lots of liquid gold for your precious bub.
lactation granola, breastfeeding, new mum, breakfast, milk supply, baby
 This smoothie bowl is super simple but so delish and a lovely way to enjoy your granola.
I use the boost frozen smoothie mix (available at Woolworths)... but you could easily pop in any frozen berries, fruits, spinach etc.. that you like into a blender.
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I add half a banana & 2 dates for sweetness.
1-2 teaspoons of PONO probiotics www.ponoprobiotics.com to support good gut health and strengthen my immune system
A splash of coconut milk 
And... BLITZ.
Top with your milk & cookies by Jewels LACTATION GRANOLA and you have such a nutritious milk boosting breakfast.
granola, lactation granola, breastfeeding, milk supply, probiotics, healthy, healthy mum, postpartum weightloss
Tag me in your foodie pics- would LOVE to see how you enjoy your granola.
milk and cookies by jewels, lactation cookies


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