How milk & cookies by Jewels came to be...

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I certainly never thought I'd be writing a blog post about this.

Let alone in such an open, public way. 

But when I was recently interviewed for my first magazine publication for the Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine and the emphasis was "Why I started milk & cookies by Jewels and how it all came to be"... I felt like I needed to be honest & share the real story.

If you're reading this and my days of early motherhood sound similar to you, please know you're not alone.  There is no shame in postnatal depression.  It's a mighty beast.  But you will get your sunshine back & oh my goodeness, when you do... it's the best.

Hope you enjoy learning how milk & cookies by Jewels came to be.

Big love. You can always reach out to me.

milk and cookies by jewels

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milk and cookies by jewels

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