Hello gorgeous mama

Ready for your milk supply to go bonkers?

TOP SECRET!! I've sourced a specialty ingredient (there is nothing else like this on the market) that packs such a milk boosting punch but bakes beautifully.

**The end result- a LACTATION COOKIE that tastes incredible + works like magic!!

Eeep! I'm so excited to see the effect that it has for you!! Pop over to our social media platforms to see the incredible results thousands of breastfeedng women are getting daily from our milk boosting lactation cookies.

Thank You for allowing myself to help set you up for breastfeeding success. Big Love, Jewels X


These are absolutely amazing! I have tried probably every lactation cookie on the planet and tried making my own...nothing compares! Its waaaaay to hard to just eat one!


I loved them so much I ate the whole bag in 6 hours which was quite impressive, I'll definitely be buying more and trying not to eat them all (it'll be hard because they taste so good!)


The addiction is real! Amazing and delicious and doing exactly what they should! Can't get enough! Trying to control myself to one a day.


I have NOOO idea how you do it but my cookies just arrived and not only are they super delicious, but they taste like they were fresh out of the oven! I love them! Your service is impeccable and your cookies are so delicious! You've always gone out of you way to help me out when needed and I couldn't be more thankful!


I ordered my choc chip lactation cookies & mama tea! What can I say I ordered it Sunday & it was here on Tuesday! Super fast service and oh my god sooo delicious. Thank you so much!! I was super suprised to see that the cookies come in an actual tin! So happy. Thank yous


Thank you so much Jewels! My baby is 4 months old and for the first time since he was born my boobs feel engorged when I wake up of a morning and I can actually feel them filling up. I really wasn't expecting these to work, I've tried other brands in the past and they taste bitter and don't work, but both the lemon slice bliss balls and white choc macadamia cookies taste absolutely divine and really do work. I'll be back to order more once these run out!


These cookies are AH-mazing!! I never had issues as such with my milk supply but thought that it couldn't hurt to give myself a boost - especially for those growth spurt feeding marathons - they worked super well! (So well in fact I had to back off a little ) 
I've had other lactation cookies but could always tell they were lactation specific because they tasted quite "yeasty" (from the brewers yeast) but with these treats you can't tell at all! 
My fave are the cherry choc cookies mmmm but I've tasted allll the flavours and they're all delicious.
The granola is delicious too. Highly recommend 


My order arrived today, the eat sleep breastfeed repeat mug is beautiful and the cookies are so delicious. I tandem feed two little ones and am always dying for a treat, and honestly couldn't believe my supply, usally drained and just maintaining what they need but I could tell there was so much more milk and my babies are feeding a lot more and are full very quickly, they are getting a lot more milk quickly it's incredible! 
I would 10/10 recommend these to everyone and anyone that plans to breastfeed, my supply wasn't low but it's done amazing to boost it in such a short period of time! 
Just want to say the biggest thank you! Such a happy mumma with two very happy babies!