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Lactation Biscuits to Boost Milk Production, Australia

Our Lactation Biscuits Boost Your Milk Supply, One Cookie at a Time

Boost Your Baby’s Nutrition with Breastfeeding Biscuits & Healthy Lactation Cookies

Healthy Lactation Cookies and Support on Your Journey

Breastfeeding Video Series

Set Yourself Up For Breastfeeding Success (In Under 40 Mins) Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Own Home

I make boobie milk

that grows a human

Now, what's your superpower?


  • "They say breast milk is like gold but your lactation cookies are GOLD!! From only being able to express 50-80ml to now 150-200ml & it's a heavy flow. WOW!! You've given me back my confidence and I'm no longer stressed about my supply"

    Kelly L - NSW

  • "I seriously can't get enough. These are the most delish cookies ever. AND they actually work!! My milk supply is insane and I'm hooked. Whatever magic you put in these cookies Jewels, it's working "

    Laura D - QLD

  • "You're a legend amongst mothers groups Jewels. I had my zoom group catch up today and when the topic of expressing and the need for lactation cookies came up, mysedlf and 2 other Mums said "milk & cookies by Jewels" at the same time!!"

    Jess W - VIC